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On Sunday June 12th 2016, The Mall in St James’s Park was transformed for its largest ever street party to celebrate The Queen’s patronage of over 600 charities and organisations on the occasion of her 90th birthday.

The Patron’s Lunch was an iconic event that recognised the un-relenting support and service our Monarch has given to the community over her 63 year reign. The Mall was the centrepiece to the truly magnificent spectacle; 10,000 guests, most of whom were representatives from the Patron’s Organisations, taking part in a classic British ‘street party’.

The invited guests enjoyed hamper-style lunches at tables positioned along the full length of The Mall. They were entertained by the spectacular parade that was designed to encapsulate memories from the decades of Her Majesty The Queen’s reign.

Her Majesty The Queen was joined by the Duke of Edinburgh and other members of the Royal Family to celebrate the occasion. Their Royal Highnesses, The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry were Joint-Presidents of The Patron’s Lunch; honouring the dedication shown by Her Majesty to so many charities and organisations.

The day itself, although slightly damp, delivered an electric festival-themed atmosphere that was enjoyed not only by the lunch guests on The Mall, but also by the general public who braved the weather to join the festivities at the large screens situated in the Royal Parks; Green Park and St James’s Park.

The fun and celebrations did not just happen on The Mall, as we had hoped The Patron’s Lunch inspired many people to host their very own Patron’s Lunch in streets along the length and breadth of our nation and across the Commonwealth. We hope these street parties gave local communities the chance to enjoy the fun whilst also providing an opportunity to raise funds directly for local initiatives and community programmes.

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At the very heart of this event lie three core themes that will run through all aspects of this incredible project. The first being ‘Charity’; a unique fundraising platform for over 300 charities that hold The Queen’s patronage and an opportunity for communities all over the UK and across the Commonwealth to maximise their own fundraising efforts. Secondly is ‘Celebration’; a chance to publicly celebrate and honour an extraordinary commitment to service in a very British way with a fun and festival inspired street party lunch. And finally, the third theme is ‘Community’; engaging communities all over the country, both locally, nationally and across the Commonwealth.


The Patrons Lunch will take place at one of London’s most iconic landmarks, The Mall. The public will be able to soak up the festivities at large screen venues situated in the glorious surrounding Royal Parks; St James’s Park and Green Park.

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Thank you to all those who enjoyed The Patron’s Lunch, be it on The Mall, at our live sites or at one of the hundreds of events that have happened around the world. We hope you had an amazing and unforgettable day!