Any great party isn’t complete without lots of fun and games. It’s a great opportunity for the neighbourhood children to get together and play, and, really, you’re never too old to enjoy a good hula hoop. We are sure we don’t need to help you have fun.

But in case you need some inspiration, we have suggested a few low-cost, easily accessible games that are easy for almost everyone to enjoy.

Easy Games and Entertainment


Picture chalking

Find a great open space, buy some cheap chalks and let children run wild! If you’re artistic in nature, you could map out some great scenes for your guests to help to colour in using varied chalks – it’s a great, gentle and easily participatory way to create something visually impressive and very memorable!


Disposable hand-held cameras given to young ones can help to foster their artistic spirit and create some great memories from the day.


Face painting stations 

A great job for any budding Picassos – face painting stations can add a huge amount of colour, variety and joy to your events. Remember to invest in some quality face paints and practice your skills in advance!



A classic. You know what you’re doing with this one! Grab a hula hoop and go wild.

Musical Chairs

The Patron’s Lunch is a great opportunity to play a particularly regal version of musical chairs.


Hop Scotch

A classic activity that only needs a little bit of chalk (perhaps pinched from your picture chalking) and a diverse selection of pattern arrangements to add variety to your game!


Ball Games

Ball games are fun for people of all ages! There are simple classics like catch (try replacing the ball with an unboiled egg or a waterballoon for an extra element of suspense)

Treasure Hunts

Hiding a few sweet treats or prizes across your venue can be a great way to create some miniature explorers! Create some (simple) clues to test young minds


Hide and Seek

A great way to get a little peace and quiet! Setting up an interesting environment for children to safely play hide and seek can see them enjoying themselves for many hours!


Water fight

A treat for the well-behaved can be a quick way to cool off with pals, if the weather is a bit too warm!


Jump Rope

Another classic – keeping track of a league of top jumpers can help to create a nice, gently competitive game.

Above all – Have Fun!

Another great way to make your lunch feel that little bit different is to introduce a fancy dress theme! As this is an event celebrating Royal patronage, what better outfit for children than that of a prince or princess?

Think of a theme that fits your event and let everyone know with plenty of time, adults could do the musical decades that Her Majesty The Queen’s reign has covered! Why not take your inspiration from Rock ‘n’ Roll, Punk or Glam, brush off those bell bottom trousers, blue suede shoes and leather jackets.

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