retailTRUST is the charity looking after the needs of all the three million people in retail, improving lives for all involved – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

For over 100 years they have provided help and support to people whatever challenges they face. While retail offers unparalleled opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds, it has many people on or near the minimum wage. When something goes wrong, these people can be very vulnerable. retailTRUST has services in place to make sure that they can be there for those who need the support and assistance. These include debt advice, counselling, hardship grants, career development and retirement housing.

Her Majesty The Queen has been the Patron of retailTRUST since 1948 and after her coronation in 1953, she continued her patronage and has been a gracious supporter of the charity ever since.

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Registered Charity No. 1090136

Richard Boland, CEO of retailTRUST said: “The retailTRUST is delighted to be supporting The Patron’s Lunch not just in the Mall but in each of our five retirement homes across the UK: Liverpool, Salford, Derby, Crookfur Glasgow and Mill Hill London. We anticipate over 500 residents as well as their friends and families will be joining in the celebrations on the 12th of June.

We at retailTRUST are immensely proud to have Her Majesty as our Patron and honoured that she has paid personal visits to our homes in Derby and Crookfur on more than one occasion. The charity has been established now for 184 years and the patronage of Her Majesty over the last 60 years has been an inspiration to all involved.

To have had such a fantastic patron for so many decades of itself has been exceptional and immensely enhanced the absolute trust and enduring duty of care for which the TRUST is well-regarded. Indeed the words “absolute trust and enduring duty of care” precisely sum up the wonderful contribution Her Majesty has made to the well-being of all the British people. We thank you, Ma’am!”

Amy’s story

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Amy Prendergast works at retailTRUST as Vocational Development Manager for the youth employment programme, retailRIGHT. Amy is passionate about creating educational programmes that help to engage and empower individuals to make positive decisions to better their lives and improve their career opportunities. She is inspired by how retailTRUST is “really trying to do something special” and “give as much support as we can to individuals that need it”.