London Catalyst

London Catalyst (formerly the Hospital Sunday Fund) has enjoyed the patronage of each Monarch since 1873 and is privileged to have had HM the Queen as patron throughout her long reign.

The charity was established to provide help to the ‘sick and poor’ of London. Today we continue to support initiatives to improve the health and well-being of Londoners, providing grants for charities and community groups to improve services to people coping with long-term ill health and living in poverty.  We also hold an annual appeal to raise money for our Samaritan Fund. The proceeds of which are distributed in their entirety to people in need in a crisis. This hardship fund provides immediate assistance to people coping with appalling personal circumstances and chronic health conditions, the destitute and those on the margins of society often without access to welfare benefi­ts. It is distributed through a London-wide network of 128 hospital, social work and advice centre partners and assists 5,000 people each year. In 2015 the average payment was just £11 with 80% of payments made for food and travel. A small amount in an emergency can be a life saver.

“A pregnant mother, fleeing domestic violence, was given an emergency grant for food and travel during the time it took for her benefits to be reinstated”   City Gateway Women’s Project, Tower Hamlets

“… when a homeless man who had just been discharged from hospital collapsed in our waiting room having not eaten for two days – it was wonderful to be able to give him a bit of money for hot food… he was crying with relief .. what a huge di­fference the money is making to individuals in the direst need.” Citizens Advice Bureau, Harrow