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Community and Charity

We want you to enjoy your party but we want everyone to remember what and why we are celebrating? We are commemorating a lifetime of service and dedication by Her Majesty The Queen to communities across the UK and Commonwealth.

The Patron’s Lunch on The Mall is a not-for-profit event that will raise money for The Patron’s Fund. All event profits and money donated to the fund will support the charitable organisations within the UK and across the Commonwealth to which Her Majesty The Queen acts as a Patron.

It is our hope that local ‘Patron’s Lunches’ will help raise money for their own communities and local initiatives. In addition to this local fundraising, the event will also serve as a unique platform for the charitable organisations to which The Queen acts as Patron, to maximize their own fundraising efforts.

BT MyDonate is the official fundraising platform for The Patron’s Lunch, and they are helping us in not only raising money for our own charity The Patron’s Fund, but also in supporting our Patron’s Organisations and members of the public do their own fundraising.

Through The Patron’s Fund BT MyDonate page, people can create their own fundraising page with their own nominated charity, or make a direct donation to The Patron’s Fund.

BT MyDonate has also been helping our charitable Patron’s Organisations set up their own charity pages to help them raise money for their own causes.