Don’t Forget The Bunting!


Every party needs some decoration!

Call on locals to help design and produce flags for your bunting – it’s a fun job for the young and old! Give them a theme and see what lovely creations they come up with! Another great option is paper chains – they’re even easier to make than bunting, and can be a great project for children to work on largely unsupervised.

To support your homemade efforts, we will also be launching our Online Shop very soon, where we will have a variety of Patron’s Lunch branded products to help add that stylish finish to your lunch.

Below are a few key things to keep in mind ahead of the event taking place:


If you are closing your road, you may need to put up traffic restriction information and barriers (e.g. signs, diversion notices) if required.


Bunting and other street décor.

Any seating, awnings and stalls.

Any areas designed for games or other participatory activities.



You could create a music playlist for the event. However, remember that you have a range of different people coming so try to have a variety to suit all tastes. This is background music so keep the volume low.

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