Sea Cadets

We are a national youth charity working with 14,000 young people in 400 communities, 45% of which are in economically challenged areas. We know the power that key life skills and positive values can offer a young person seeking to make their way in a challenging adult environment.

We’re with teenagers through the best and worst of times. The challenges they face are endless. Plus they’re twice as tough for youngsters at a time in their lives when they’re still working out who they are and what they want to be and so getting the chance to help as many young people as we can through what we offer is vital.

We believe what we offer young people, nautical adventure and challenge in a positive environment, makes a positive difference to their life chances.

Our progressive training programme with a nautical focus based on personal development and a breadth of opportunities to learn new skills and gain accredited qualifications, enables those we support to develop positive relationships and fosters a sense of belonging and identity.

In short, the inspirational environment we can offer them, combined with the chance to challenge themselves both through physical activities and personal development opportunities, help build their sense of identity. We believe this will, in the long term, help to positively affect key areas that can later have an impact on their life chances, from attendance in school, to improved post-16 destinations in employment and further education. In addition to enhancing long term well-being, reducing risky behaviours and seeing an increased participation in communities.

It means a lot to Sea Cadets to have the Queen as our Patron. To have the royal stamp of approval helps us to continue our work in supporting young people to gain life skills and qualifications so they can grab a better future.

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