Spreading The Word

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If you’re hosting a big event and inviting your neighbours, once you’ve got your team in place you can start making the most about talking about your event!

Consider popping some posters up in your local newsagents or post office, in your own window and pop a flyer through your locals’ letterboxes just to make sure people know the event is happening.

Don’t forget to ask for RSVP’s so you know numbers for catering purposes.

Tell us!


If you want to include our logo on your own personal invites, please tell us about your event on our interactive map and we will send you the logo in return. However, we also have some downloadable invites and posters.

Social media is another great way to spread the word, create a Facebook group and let your friends and relatives know about the event.

Personalised Invites

We want to make things easy for you, download our Patron’s Lunch themed invites and posters here.

The Patron’s Lunch Invitation
The Patron’s Lunch Poster
The Patron’s Lunch Flyer

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