St Paul’s Cathedral Chorister Trust

There has been a choir of boy Choristers at St Paul’s for around 1,000 years. This tradition is world famous and is at the heat of the English Choral Tradition. In 1984 the St Paul’s Cathedral Chorister Trust was established to provide resources for the education and musical training of choristers  regardless of the financial background of their families. Grants made by the Trust have given many boys the unique experience of being a member of the choir of St Paul’s.

Thanks to grants made by the Trust, many boys have had the unique experience of being a member of the choir of St Paul’s. One element of high cost is the boarding fees at the Cathedral School. At present the Trustees award grants to approximately 40 per cent of the Choristers. Over the years the Chorister Trust has also made contributions towards educational and leisure facilities at the school, supporting the overall development of the choristers at the school.

The music programme at St Paul’s costs around £1.3 million each year, and the Chorister Trust is crucial to the on-going existence of the English Choral Tradition at St Paul’s Cathedral.

The charity’s funds are professionally managed and there is a board of trustees. Some of these are appointed by the Cathedral Chapter, the others by the Court of Aldermen of the City of London Corporation. Their collective experience encompasses finance, choral excellence, education and administration.

St Paul’s Choristers rehearsing Christmas favourites, under the direction of Andrew Carwood, Director of Music at St Paul’s Cathedral, London on December 09, 2013. Photo: Arnaud Stephenson