The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

We are a Scottish and international charity, set up in 1923, whose mission is to build a vibrant worldwide community of Scottish Dance and Music. Our membership of nearly 12,000 globally run over 450 local branches and affiliate groups and clubs worldwide. These provide local opportunities to learn Scottish Country Dancing and attend social events. All this activity provides a healthy, happy and sociable community for those involved.

The Society also works through its Headquarters to deliver four major, top quality dance and music events every year. This includes a prestigious four week Summer School in St Andrews in Scotland drawing participants from around the world. Others are our Winter School which is highlighted by a formal Ball at Blair Castle, the Conference weekend in Perth and Spring Fling which is youth focused and travels between the UK and other countries each year.

Alongside the events, the Society is actively working to ensure the long term future of Scottish Country Dance and Music through our teacher training programmes. We deliver this both through our own teachers and exams system and by supporting teachers in schools through our school accreditation and CPD programmes.

Keeping the tradition alive is also important and the Society invites members and others to submit new dances and tunes each year, publishing the best of these in a book and CD / Video format each year. Our online shop means these publications reach a global audience.

In 1947, HRH Princess Elizabeth became the Patron of the Scottish Country Dance Society and graciously remained the Patron of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (the title “Royal” having been bestowed by King George VI in 1951) on her succession to the throne and until now. This royal patronage is valuable in helping secure a global standing and membership.

For much more information and to get involved, join us online: Facebook and Twitter