Creating a Team and Picking a Cause

Team Up


The Patron’s Lunch is an event that, at heart, is all about community! Making a positive and lasting change in your local area is a great goal for your Patron’s Lunch event, and easier than you might think – especially if you have a helping hand.

‘Many hands make light work’ is a phrase we firmly believe in, especially when it comes to planning a party! If you’re planning a larger get-together, we’d recommend approaching your neighbours, friends, neighbourhood watch groups, community groups and local parish councils to get the word out about your Patron’s Lunch.

Get Organised


Setting up a team to help organise the lunch in your area is a great idea, it helps spread the work load if everyone is clear on what they’re doing!

Why not send an email to local friends in the community to see if they would be interested in helping. Once you have got a few people together, you could invite them round for a chat and to get organised.

For A Cause


Charity is another key theme behind The Patron’s Lunch and we really want these events to support local charities or neightbourhood causes. Within your team you could discuss the best cause or charity to support that suits you and your neighbourhood.

This includes looking at how best to support them – remember it doesn’t have to be with cash (although that is very useful!). Pledging volunteer time, gathering canned goods or other donations or even simply raising awareness can be a huge help.

If you do decide to raise cash, BT have provided access to their MyDonate pages and have some great fundraising tips for you, click here to find out more.

Shout about it!

Once you have your team together work out the best location for your lunch and start to spread the word. Invite all your neighbours and friends to celebrate and have fun together re-igniting that ‘great’ British community spirit for your local area.

We have designed this handy customisable invite to tell everyone about your event – you can download it here.


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